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Beyond related articles to related content

This week’s inspirational speakers were ShaznaNessa and Mohamed Nanabhay – the speakers provided insights around technology in the newsroom, how to achieve buy-in from stakeholders and how technology is changing news production.

The speakers addressed the importance of individuals working together. Across the newsroom, collaboration & communication is key to the success of my idea – an interactive content driven experience mapping to key words rather than a few related articles at the bottom of an article. My aim is to show any multi-faceted story unfolding. Newsroom teams must to work alongside one another, adopting a standard structure and taxonomy for success.

Who is this for?

What does this mean for newsroom teams?
Whether the content of the story is an article, an interview, a video, a podcast or a quote, it needs to be tagged before it’s uploaded to a searchable system.
“Tagged with what?” I hear you asking (good question!). As a minimum I’d suggest:

  • the topic(s)
  • secondary topics
  • a date and time stamp
  • the names of key people involved and
  • a location – a country or a city

Success does not lie in an abundance of technical skills, but in standards: a common structure and language.

Imagine: if tagging were standardized the pooling and display of related materials would become a simple task. With a simple key word search the relevant content would bubble up!

I’ve discussed how newsroom teams can tag their content and search for it. But what about citizen journalism? Why should this system need to stop with content produced journalists and newsrooms? Well, it doesn’t have to. What if whenever a word or phrase is searched, social media sites like Twitter, YouTube and Flickr were included (Greplin allows an individual to search across their social media user name) (Thanks Lina P), encapsulating the idea that you need to seek out content rather than wait for it to come to you.

Inner voice: Isn’t this what Google does?!
Well, the searchability of content is just the first part.

I began to think further about the primary audience and I asked –“ How does this idea benefit the consumers of news”?

In order to better understand these users I talked with Helen M who shared her insights around what these users look for.

Choice is important for users, if they are a Guardian reader, they perhaps are not overly interested in the related story in The Sun

There are already things out there: Flipboard and Taptu go part of the way in delivering a tailored view of news. I see my idea merging and building on these and Greplin.

Over three weeks the idea has evolved, as it stands related content can show a story emerging by pulling in content from other sources, provide readers with choice around their view, diversity and popularity.